Our company BioCheck - für Veterinärdiagnostik und Umwelthygiene GmbH was established in 1997 with initial four employees as an independent private laboratory.

By a continuous expansion of the power spectrum with a focus on farm animal diagnostic the number of employees increased to 20 today.
A second location was built in 2003 to make room for new work areas such as molecular biology and feed analysis, the company’s floor space has doubled.
The number of our customers in Germany is still growing, while we expand and improve our international business.

Meanwhile, the diagnostically support of entire livestock, participation in various monitoring programs and studies as well as an extensive export research are parts of our daily tasks.

A major strength of our lab is the collaboration of veterinarians, biologists, farmers, chemists, and medical and technical staff, which enables the process of complex interdisciplinary issues.

In addition to routine diagnosis we research projects, both in the field of veterinary medicine and in the field of environmental health with the goal to establish new methods. Therefore we offer the opportunity for young people from different disciplines to acquire some practical experience in business and in dealing with special issues.

Our large customer base consisting of veterinarians, farmers, feed producer, veterinary pharmaceutical company, biogas plant operators as well as private estimates appreciate the diversity of our study spectrum and the individual, personal and independent advice.

We hope you could get a first impression of BioCheck and look forward to welcome you to our homepage.