Examination of genital organs from infertile sows


An overview about our diagnostics and scheme for reproductive disorders in sows:

  • pathological – anatomical assessment of the genital organs
  • uterus histology
  • antigen and antibody detection of specific bacteria
  • bacteriological examination including Chlamydia
  • detection of uterotrophic virus
  • analysis of mycotoxins
  • resistency tests
  • feed conversion
  • vaccine development

When the standard examinations, e.g. direct or indirect detection of pathogens show no results, then the pathological – anatomical assessment, microbiological and toxicological investigation of the genital organs will give valuable findings.


We recommend the following material for examination

  • the whole genital organs, including urinary and bile bladder of sows
  • preliminary report of the problems sows data sheets